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With regular changes in the economy, real estate markets, and financial regulations, a trusted resource to guide you on your home loan options is key to making a smart purchase.  Our team is a great first-step in discussing the options available to you and we can recommend a lender to assist you going forward.  Feel free to use the mortgage calculator below to start looking at the cost of homeownership.  Scroll down for more information on getting pre-qualified, as well as information on options for down payment and closing costs assistance.

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Why Get Pre-Qualified?

  1. Ensures you are looking at homes that fit your needs and your budget.  Looking at homes that are over or under your budget can lead to frustration.  By understanding the dynamics of your qualification, you can make more informed decisions in the process.

  2. Did you know that the HOME must qualify for your loan also?  A lot of buyers are not aware that the property itself has to fit with your specific loan program.  Each loan program has specific criteria as it relates to the type of home (condo, town home, single family home, manufactured home) as well as the condition of the home.  By getting pre-qualified, you can understand the specific types of properties that are available to you.

  3. "Show me the money!"  That is what sellers will ask when you are viewing their home and making an offer.  A pre-qualification letter shows the sellers that you are ready, willing, and ABLE to purchase their home.  To this end, it is important to ensure that your pre-qualification as also complete.  The Arizona pre-qualification form shows the stage of pre-qualification you are currently in.  By providing the lender with the requested supporting documentation, you will be in a much more powerful position to negotiate.

  4. Looking for Down Payment Assistance or help with your closing costs?  We can help with that too.  There are programs available to assist with your down payment and closing costs.  Some programs have limited funds and/or certain income requirements.  To find out if you qualify, give us a call.  We can get you in touch with a trusted lender to guide you.

Getting Pre-Qualified is the KEY to your home buying success!

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